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Sustainability is recognising one's belonging to something larger, promoting education while being well, cultivating science as the basis for a benevolent, successful and flourishing world.




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In 2020/2021 we are delivering emotional intelligence interventions in Tanzania with our partner the Changamoto Youth Development Organisation. 

This intervention focuses to:

  • Increase in healthy emotional literacy

  • increase of productivity

  • Increase in the creative potential

  • Promote individual and community resilience


In 40 institutions with 2600 students, the FAEI is implementing interventions in collaboration with local teachers all over Germany. This intervention is advised by the Scientific Advisor Dr. Gwenn Hiller, Professor for Counselling and Intercultural Communication at the University of Applied Labor Studies in Mannheim, Germany.

The purposes that this intervention and prevention program focuses on are:

  • Promote sustainable collaboration 

  • Reduction of stress and burnout risks

  • Reduction of negative effects on critical incidences

  • Promote individual and community resilience in the digital age

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In 2020 Sola Kolawole a sustainability agent in Nigeria joined in the local engagement for a 110 teacher cohort which expanded to be a 220 teacher project with local partner schools.

The purpose of this intervention is to help with and prevent the obstacles of:

  • Dropping out of school

  • Violence among students

  • Drug use

  • Unwanted pregnancies


Dr. Petra Meyer, Senior Lecturer, Author, and Professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg, Austria, and Head of Research at the FAEI started the 2021 research project development to understand the impact of emotional intelligence in the classroom.

The austrian intervention focuses on:

  • Promotion of sustainable collaborations

  • Promotion of excellent leadership skills

  • Promotion of sustainable behavior

  • Promote effective communication

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In 2021 the collaboration with refugeeEd an internationally renowned support network opened the doors to start the first emotional intelligence intervention project in Greece with Teachers and students.

The intervention focuses to solve current rising problems:

  • Increased behavior disorders

  • Poor health

  • Increase in acts of affect and violence

  • Increase in mental illness


For the first time, 200 teachers will be participating in the intervention in Kenya. Including a Train the Trainer Program with 20 Teachers in Kenya to train further 400 Teachers in the year 2022 and supply emotional intelligence teaching resources for their students. 

The interventions purposes are to:

  • Promote the resilience of individuals and communities

  • Promotion of sustainable collaborations

  • Promotion of excellent leadership skills

  • Promotion of beneficial choices

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United Kingdom

In 2021 the FAEI expanded with a second office in London. The planned interventions for Teachers in 2021 is 500 Teachers with 4600 students. 

The intervention focuses to solve and help with current rising problems like:

  • Depressions 

  • Lack of sense of belonging

  • Isolation

  • Work stress and Burnout


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