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Our Mission

Working Towards Emotional Intelligence in Education

The mission of FAEI is to help the adoption of emotional intelligence in the school sector - as a subject for the students, and as a practice for teachers to reduce stress and get closer to their pupils.

We are doing this by conducting original research, creating content courses, utilizing neuroscience-based practices, and offering training courses for teachers. We make it easy for educators to familiarise themselves with the practice and transmit this knowledge to their students. 

At FAEI, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is to be well, because as soon as we are well, we can be better there for our projects, work environment, partners, and private environment. We have been determined to make an impact on society's well-being, knowing the importance of being well as the foundation of sustainable development and prosperity. 

The purposes of the association are:

● Anchoring emotional intelligence in schools, universities, educational institutes, and other institutions

● Promotion of scientific information regarding emotional intelligence